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Online membership

Get unlimited access to my yoga and pilates membership from just £15 per month.

What is the Georgina Kay Yoga and Pilates membership?

The membership is a space for you to come and go as you please with no expectations. It’s something you can get stuck into or dip in and out of to help keep your body and mind just that little bit more healthy, free and peaceful. With lots of classes/workouts already on the platform, you will also find a few series and challenges to take part in. Being able to save your favourite video to do again or try a suggested ‘pick for me’ video if you can’t decide, with a suggestion box if you wish to see a video that’s not already on there.

We are bringing movement in the body to support our life, bringing awareness into ourselves, challenging our bodies with exercises to prevent injuries, improving posture, gaining strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and relaxation in a new way, guiding you into meditations to help you relax and bringing you movement breakdowns/tips to help with your alignment. Let me teach you where and whenever you like, I’m in it going through the classes with you.

On this membership you will:

  • Gain strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, improve your overall posture and health, preventing injuries and gaining more relaxation in your life through Yoga and Pilates.
  • Learn mind body connection.
  • Learn new techniques, build on your practice with tips, tricks and tutorials of movements and poses.
  • You’re able to suggest classes.
  • Cancel & re-join at any time.

With all memberships you get:

  • Unlimited access to all the yoga/pilates/meditations/movement breakdown classes during your subscription period.
  • Suggested featured videos to try with series and challenges.
  • Access to the full archive of classes/workouts anywhere & anytime you like.
  • Access to the free private Facebook community group where we can help each other.
  • 1 FREE one off live group class of your choice.

Membership options

Monthly membership

£0 today and then £25 every month

A rolling monthly membership. 1st payment taken after 7 day trial. Cancel at any time.


6 month membership

£0 today and then £120 every 6 months

Minimum term 6 months, payment taken upfront after your 7 day trial. Saves £5 per month.


12 month membership

£0 today and then £180 every 12 months

Minimum term 12 months, payment taken upfront after your 7 day trial. Saves £10 per month.