I feel anxious going to my first yoga class – Georgina Kay

24 May 2020

I feel anxious going to my first yoga class

Going to your first Yoga class can be quite overwhelming especially when you’ve never practiced yoga before and you’re going by yourself, or even with a friend.

Put your hand up if you usually ask your friends to go somewhere just so you’re not alone?…I know I do and I did for my first class at a studio, which is actually a really nice thing to do, but what if none of your friends or family want to go, then do you just not go and wait until someone eventually wants to?

I thought I would point out some misconceptions and what to do when you get to your first class, to give you a little confidence boost in going alone, because a lot more people go by themselves than what you’d think.

Going straight into it…


– There’s no competition in Yoga. No one looks at what level you are at or how flexible or strong you are, and what’s even better is that when you’ve been practicing yoga for so long, you start to learn that there are no competitions in life itself either..

– There’s modifications in every pose so being flexible and strong is naaaaaat needed as everyone is at a completely different stage in their practice.

– It’s not just females that practice, a lot of males go to classes too. I often get asked if any guys go to classes and I’m like yeeessssss of course!! It’s not just for females, in most classes there is at least 2 or 3 males practicing and that’s in a small class.

– You can rest or go to the toilet when you need to. I once felt dizzy and didn’t know what to do so I literally just went to the toilet and had a cup of water then went straight back to it. I was so easy on myself afterwards that I just kept in childs pose for as long as I needed to, because even at the start of a class, my yoga teacher always said to go into child’s pose if you need a rest.

– Yoga studios have mats and props so you don’t have to bring any.

– Once you go to your first class, the second one is easier to go to by yourself because you know what to expect.

What to do when you get there… – Take your shoes off where everyone else has.

– Go up to the teacher or desk if there is one and tell them it’s your first time there, to which they will explain a few small things to get you started like where the toilets and mats are etc.

– Put your belongings down and get a mat and roll it out wherever you like, and maybe get some props and then just sit down and wait for the class to start.

– Don’t forget to take your socks off so you don’t slip too.

– Then all you have to do after practice is clean your mat and put everything back and go!

There you go…easy peasy!

I hope this gives you a little insight about some of the misconceptions and what to do on your first class as a new student. Give me a little comment if there’s anything else that I’ve not mentioned on here that you think is making you feel that little bit nervous about attending a class by yourself :D.

Also I’d love to hear your thoughts and fears from when you might have started your first class alone or even with a friend, so give a cheeky comment below as they might help someone reading this blog too…

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