How to do a headstand… – Georgina Kay

5 April 2021

How to do a headstand…

Never done an inversion before? Think they look pretty awesome but scary and you’d love to learn how to do one? Say no moreeeeee, have a look below and try it out!!

I remember the first headstand I did. I watched numerous videos and thought it would be a good idea to put them all into my own version of a headstand and show you the way I learnt. I was inspired by sooo many videos I looked at online, so I thought I’d pass on what I’ve learnt and show you the safest way…

  1. Start off with warming the body up…feeling more energised and strong to help us attract the pose we want to do, which also helps us with being less susceptible to injury which is one of the main reasons as to why we prepare the body before going into certain poses. Try the following poses and see if you feel a lot more stronger to try headstand…
  • Downward Facing Dog: cycling through the feet.
  • High lunge on both sides: squeezing that back gluteus muscle can help prepare the glutes for our headstand.
  • Plank pose: with push ups or holding Chaturanga dandasana or plank, engaging the core!
  • Navasana: strengthening that core and balance
  • Dolphin Pose: strengthening that core and preparing to push up into the pose from strengthening those shoulders as well.

Ok so are you ready? Let’s get started!!

  1. Make sure you are assisted with a wall behind you incase you fall back…it’s kind of your best friend when learning any kind of yoga pose.
  2. Place a blanket or flat cushion for your head (although the weight will NOT be on your head as such, it will be more in your shoulders and arms).
  • Interlace the elbows/forearms on the ground, THEN separate them and interlace the fingers (keeping your pinky finger tucked underneath) – the distance between the arms is where your head will be placed (inside your hands) – try not let your forearms slide out too much to the side or hugged in too much towards your head as this will put too much tension on certain areas of your body that you don’t want, which could cause injury.
  • Place the TOP of the head, not the forehead or the back or side of the head, just the very tip of the head on the floor, either with a cushion/blanket or even just your mat (don’t put all the weight into the head – the arms and shoulders are what’s working most).
  • Pick your knees off the ground and lengthen through the legs keeping them strong and firm in this posture. Walking the feet towards your head as far as you can go – maybe coming onto your tip toes.
  • Raising one foot off the ground and PULLING the knee/thigh into the chest whilst keeping that strength through the shoulder girdle and forearms with the other foot still on the ground. (Practice this on both legs always keeping one foot on the ground).
  • Whilst one knee/thigh is pushing against the chest…PUSH through from the other foot that’s on the ground lifting both knees into the chest. Then practice lifting one leg up and then maybe the other one.
  • Each time we practice this motion, we are building strength to bring both legs up.

I was constantly trying this every day, probably 20 times a day for about 1 week and I was finally able to BALANCE in this posture…it was a phenomenon for me seriously, it felt euphoric, I loved it and without the wall too!

Keep at it and tag me in your posts with how you’re getting on with this 🙂 instagram: @georginakayyp

REMEMBER…What may have taken me a week to figure out for me, may take you longer or even shorter…our bodies are all built differently. With headstand, we need to find the CORE strength but also hamstring flexibility and glutei strength to be able to find it easier to come up into this pose, so work on the above warm ups each day and see where you get.

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