What is the Beginners Yoga & Pilates Guide about? – Georgina Kay

22 March 2021

What is the Beginners Yoga & Pilates Guide about?

What is the E-Book and why have I made it?

The E-Book is a small guide in how you can start Yoga and or Pilates. We go through what Yoga & Pilates is, the breath, a Yoga flow and a Pilates class.

It’s a 20 page online booklet with a 5 day schedule planner for you to use to keep track and be accountable of your practice & workout.

Even if you’ve practiced just Yoga and not Pilates or vise versa, you can still download it and look at that one section.

There’s many places out there that would charge a small fee for E-Books but I wanted to create and give you something FREE to help you on your journey in starting something new and making a habit into it, because there’s nothing more confusing than having so much information in different places and getting confused by it all, when everything you need to know is in this one E-Book.

And if the E-Book isn’t enough and you want to try and delve into it more, then I offer a FREE 7 day trial on the Online Membership…if you’re unsure on what this is then look no further because there’s a blog post about what the Online Membership is too, so go check that out.

You can then use the 7 day free trial to practice a little more and start to really understand what Yoga & Pilates is in the beginners section.

How can I get it?

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I hope this helped you understand the E-Book and you enjoy the free guide. Have a beautiful day.

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