Beginners Guide to Starting Yoga and Pilates – Georgina Kay

19 April 2021

Beginners Guide to Starting Yoga and Pilates

Below is a small guide in how to start Yoga & Pilates with a little download for you at the very end…

So how do you start Yoga & or Pilates?

  • You start with yourself and the willingness to do something about it.
  • Create a space for you to go to for your workout/practice.
  • Get an outfit ready and maybe some breakfast/lunch or dinner for afterwards.
  • Make sure you use your breath wisely.


  • Non slip mat (this is preferably all you really need but as beginners we might need more…)
  • 2 x Yoga bricks
  • 1 x Yoga block
  • A Strap
  • Something that you don’t need but is great for a restorative and relaxing class is a bolster

Ok so I’ve got the above, what next?

Start small: 

  • Keep your practice around 10-15 minutes long
  • Practice / workout twice a week and build it up after every 2/3 weeks
  • When you start to build it up, add 5 minutes on each time
  • Take it slow, there’s no expectations 
  • Begin seated or standing and just move the body by doing a few stretches
  • Alignment is key but for your first practice just go with the flow and try not worry if you’re doing something wrong because you never will!
  • Understand your body is different to everyone’s…
  • Learn to take deep inhales and exhales through each pose / exercises and try not to hold the breath or breath into the shoulders (it might be strange at first but you get used to it).
  • If you’re not used to weight bearing you might find tension in the hands and wrists, it’s normal but if you feel pain anywhere in the body always come out and see medical attention.

Breath (lateral breath for Pilates or Yoga)

  • Place your hands on your front lower rib cage
  • Take your gaze over the horizon & close the eyes
  • Breath in fully through the nose
  • Breath out piercing the breath through the lips 
  • Do the above 4 times and if you feel dizzy just stop and take a moment

Try this warm up Yoga flow to get you started:

  • Child’s pose x 3 breaths
  • Cat / Cow x 4 breaths
  • Child’s pose x 3 breaths
  • Cat / Cow x 2 breaths
  • Downward facing dog x 3 breaths (maybe pedal through the feet to feel a stretch down the backs of the legs)
  • Walk up the mat into a forward fold (bend the knees) x 4 breaths
  • Vertebrae by vertebrae roll the spine up to standing and then reach the arms up towards the ceiling, maybe take the gaze with
  • Return with the hands by your side in mountain pose

Try these Pilates exercises after your warm up

  • Hold half plank x 4 breaths
  • Single Leg Kick (both sides)
  • The Hundred
  • Shoulder Bridge

Guides can only have so much information, so go try out the membership platform for 7 days FREE to discover more on Yoga and Pilates with a 7 day yoga for absolute beginners and a a Pilates beginners workout.


FREE E-Book Guide in Starting Yoga & Pilates below, enjoy and please tag me on social media if you record your workout 

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I hope this helps you a little in starting Yoga & Pilates, thanks for reading and have a beautiful day/evening.

Thanks always,



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