My story – Georgina Kay

My story

Starting with Yoga

I first started practicing yoga in 2013, and Pilates came a few years after that. I began attending Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga classes when I started to feel a negative impact on my mental health, I found the movement, meditation and breathing techniques through yoga helped me massively. I also started because I loved the shapes I saw some people putting their bodies into, and it inspired me to try them. As someone who used to do gymnastics at a young age, I fell in love with the movement yoga gave me.

Pilates came next

After gaining more awareness into my own body, I started to realise I’m hypermobile which meant I was too flexible in the tissues of the body, to which Pilates was introduced to me, helping me build, tone and prevent injuries in the body by using the muscles and ranges of motions we are supposed to use, helping me rid some of those pains and aches from using the low impactful and controlled Pilates exercises giving me a more wholesome feeling in the body.

The more I practiced the better I felt

The more I practised the more I saw a difference in my body, mentally and also physically. I’ve learned along the way that when we come into these positions with our bodies, it’s a step in a direction of feeling enlightenment, if you put yourself in a particular position, it will affect not only a physical way but your consciousness and neurology as well.

Helping others feel the same

This then made me realise I wanted to help everyone and their mental health feel the way I did, to which I took a yoga teacher training course, qualified as a Yoga Alliance Registered teacher, then took a Pilates teacher training course and qualified as a Pilates REPS/CIMSPA teacher, and began my journey / mission in helping everyone feel the amazing benefits both yoga and Pilates can give. From studying Anatomy and Physiology level 2 and 3, it has given me a deeper understanding to the body and I continue to do lots of research to fit in with the ever-changing generation we live in now.

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