34 Original Pilates Exercises – Georgina Kay

8 March 2021

34 Original Pilates Exercises

What are the 34 exercises of Joseph Pilates?

Before we get into the exercises there are 6 principles of the Pilates method that we should be using within the exercises, these are:

  • Control
  • Precision
  • Breath
  • Concentration
  • Centring
  • Flow

When Joseph Pilates created this method, there were only 34 exercises, however generations have past and the generation we live in now has changed massively, with lots more research evolving each day on the body, there are now other Pilates exercises that are developed to stabilise certain muscles.

There are also more people creating different Pilates methods on top of Joseph Pilates. So what are the 34 exercises you ask, look no further (don’t forget there’s different levels to practice each exercise to suit the needs to everyone).

  1. The Hundred
  2. The Roll Up
  3. The Roll Over
  4. One Leg Circle
  5. Rolling back (like a ball)
  6. Single Leg Stretch
  7. Double Leg Stretch
  8. Spine Stretch
  9. Rocker with open legs
  10. The Corkscrew
  11. The Saw
  12. The Swan Dive
  13. Single Leg Kick
  14. Double Leg Kick
  15. Neck Pull
  16. The Scissors
  17. The Bicycle
  18. Shoulder Bridge
  19. The Spine Twist
  20. The Jack Knife
  21. The Side Kick
  22. The Teaser
  23. The Hip Twist with stretched arms
  24. Swimming
  25. Supine Leg Pull
  26. Prone Leg Pull
  27. The Side Kick Kneeling
  28. The Side Bend
  29. The Boomerang 
  30. The Seal
  31. The Crab
  32. The Rocking
  33. The Control Balance
  34. The Push Up

Interesting fact

Pilates was actually named Contrology from Joseph himself.

I hope all of the above helped you understand Pilates a little better, as always please email georginayoga@hotmail.com for any other questions.

Thanks always,



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